오랜만이다~~~ This is another dance cover but this time it’s just me! ㅋㅋ Anyway, I uploaded this video last January and forgot to share it here. Oh well, here I am now posting it so.. problem solved! (I don’t even think it’s a problem ㅎㅎ) I hope you enjoy it even though it’s bad. And I’m so sorry for any mistakes that I made ㅠㅠ 뿅뿅뾰~~~옹!!!

It’s been a long time since I last made a post! Since I didn’t pass the auditions again, I decided to start doing covers with my friends and post it on youtube!!! And here’s our first video!!! 만세! ㅋㅋ I’m planning to make another dance cover soon so…. YEAH! XD 뿅 뿅~

Step #5: When there’s another opportunity, TAKE IT!

First of all, I want to say thank you to God. Even though it’s just another live audition, it’s still another opportunity and I won’t let this chance slip by. I know I probably wouldn’t get through (don’t ask me how I know, I just do XD) but there’s no harm in trying! :) Anyway, I don’t think I’ll be able to sing ‘A Goose’s Dream’ and ‘Because It’s You’, I might sing Taeyeon’s Can You Hear Me. As I said before, I don’t think I’ll get through but I’ll still do my very best!!! 아자! 화이팅!

PS. It’s a JYP Audition I’m going to by the way XD

Step #4: A step closer to my dreams

Am I just really lucky or what? I don’t know whether I should be crying out of   happiness right now or practice like crazy. 

Well, here’s what happened. I opened my youtube account and I got this message which was sent to me 2 days ago. I was expecting a spam message or a hate comment but fortunately, it wasn’t! I read the subject and it said Superstar K5 on it so I quickly opened it. The message said that I got through the 1st round! I was staring at the screen thinking I might be going crazy but I refreshed the page and it was still there. One step closer to my dream, even if I don’t get through the 2nd round it doesn’t mean I’m going backwards, failing will help me know my mistakes and there fore I will strive harder to achieve success! XD Anyway, I’m really happy I got through and I hope (really really hope) that I would get through the 2nd round. If I don’t, then I’ll just have to try again next time. NEVER GIVE UP!!! 아자! 화이팅!

Step #3: Grab any chance you can get! 아자~

So… yeah. I’m auditioning online for Superstar K5. I know it’s horrible (even though my friends said ‘it’s good’) and my facial expression was too 멍~ I think I was concentrating too much on getting the lyrics right (However, I’m not actually sure if I got it all right). I also auditioned online last year but didn’t really get through- well, I got through Round 2 of the online auditions and that’s it. I was too far from LA and New York to do the live audition so I waited for the special global UCC preliminary results but I wasn’t contacted ㅠ.ㅠ But still, just like what Bang Yong Guk and Zelo said "Never give up 일어나 일어나 너라면 할 수가 있어”

Oh, and also, I ended up singing Park Bom’s Don’t Cry instead of Because It’s You or A Goose’s Dream but it’s not that I don’t want to sing the songs anymore. It’s more like I’m still practicing the two songs for other future auditions and I thought that Don’t Cry was a really nice song to sing as well.


PS  The video was rushed so the quality is not that good 죄송합니다 ^^;


Step #2: 거위의 꿈 (A Goose’s Dream)

난 난 꿈이 있었죠
버려지고 찢겨 남루하여도
내 가슴 깊숙히 보물과 같이

간직했던 꿈
혹 때론 누군가가
뜻 모를 비웃음
내 등뒤에 흘릴때도

난 참아야 했죠 참을수 있었죠
그 날을 위해

늘 걱정하듯 말하죠
헛된 꿈은 독이라고
세상은 끝이 정해진 책처럼
이미 돌이킬수 없는

그래요 난 난 꿈이 있어요
그 꿈을 믿어요 나를 지켜봐요
저 차갑게 서 있는
운명이란 벽앞에
당당히 마주칠 수 있어요
언젠가 난 그벽을 넘고서
저 하늘을 높이 날을수 있어요

이 무거운 세상도
나를 묶을순 없죠
내 삶의 끝에서
나 웃을 그날을 함께해요


Right now, I have 2 songs I’m planning to sing. A Goose’s Dream and Because It’s You (Davichi). I feel so attached to the song A Goose’s Dream and it seems like the song is saying exactly how I feel at the moment. It inspires me a lotand that’s why it’s one of the songs I’m planning to sing. Just thinking of the song lyrics makes me want to cry. ㅠ.ㅠ

포기하지마! 힘내! 아자! 화이팅!

Step #1: Step by step

Prepare. Think realistically. That might sound ironic as my dream is to become a singer (in Korea). A lot of people have the same dream as me and when I say a lot, I mean it and that makes it more unrealistic. People keep telling me not to get my hopes up because it’s impossible. That’s why it’s called a dream because it’s more likely not to come true but when it does, it’s not just a mere dream anymore. It’s reality. Because someone has made that dream possible and real. What if they say it’s impossible, do I really have to stop dreaming? Well, no because I know myself it’s very unlikely to come true and that’s why I call it a dream. It’s not as if I’m telling them I’m definitely going to become a singer. What I want to say is it would be nice to become one and trying wouldn’t be that bad. It could hurt but reality does that to you especially if the reality is it’s impossible. Right now, for me it’s still a dream- impossible- but maybe if i do try much harder I could turn it into reality? Well, it’s more on the impossible side but at least I wouldn’t regret anything in the future because I tried. If it does come true, maybe that would would prove that, actually, it was never a dream at all. 

So, okay. I’ll start by taking small tiny steps. Prepare myself for battle! Just in case there are other auditions this year, I would really be thankful if someone could recommend me songs. I need one Korean song (I can sing some songs by Davichi but I don’t know which song to sing) and one English song. Also, if someone could recommend me a good song to use for freestyle dancing, that would be really great.Thanks a lot ^-^